TCB Construction Co. Inc

We offer reasonable competitive pricing and timely completion of our phase of construction realizing the value of meeting project deadlines. We are committed to three basic principles; quality workmanship, competitive pricing, and timely completion.

With over 22 years in the Northern Virginia area, we have developed solid relationships with some of the best and largest residential builders. We pride ourselves with being a company they can depend on. TCB Construction Co. Inc. is committed to providing our clients with exceptional work as well as creating a safe and healthy work site that exceeds all expectations of our valued customers. Our values coupled with the experience of framing over 4,000 homes in Northern Virginia have built a name you can trust and a company you can count on.

TCB has expertise in at least the following:

  • Stick Framed and Truss Framed roofs
  • Hand Built or Pre-fab stairs (straight, angular, or circular including free-standing)
  • Stick Framed or Panel walls
  • Partywall systems - all types
  • Firestopping and draftstopping - all types
  • Green building - trained and certified
  • Setting of all types of windows and doors - trained and certified
  • Installation of all exterior trim materials including synboard, hardiplank, etc - trained and certified.
  • Installation of all exterior feature types, posts, rails, etc. - trained and certified.
  • Installation of structural steel
  • Installation of all Simpson hardware products - trained and certified.
  • Installation of vinyl rails - trained and certified.
  • Installation of metal rails
  • Silt fence installation

TCB offers our builders:

  • Quality
  • Competitive Pricing
  • Schedules
  • Safety
  • Z-link Systems
  • Material Management
  • Cleanliness and General Site Organization
  • Plan Proofreading
  • Turn Key Framing
  • Customer Service
  • Energy compliance standards